9D Virtual Reality Motorcycle Racing Simulator 3 Exclusives Games Black Yellow 24'' Monitor

Product Details
Place of Origin:Guangzhou , Guangdong , CHINA
Brand Name:Jamma ® Global VR Park™
Certification:CE , RoHS , SGS certificate and B1 safety certificate
Model Number:Motovrx™
Payment & Shipping Terms
Min Order:1
Packaging:Bubble pack , stretch film, wood frame and / or wooden box
Supply Ability:20 units per month
Bike Material:Ultra Resistant Fiber Reinforced Plastic Polymer
Colors:Black And Yellow
Payment:Card, Coins And Tokens
Monitor:24 "
Games:3 Exclusive And Copyrighted Virtual Reality Games
Headset:Deepoon E3
Computer:Intel® I5 / GC 1060 / SSD120G / DDR4 8G
Accessories:Real Motorcycle Controls
Frame:Galvanized Steel And Square Tubing
Storage:Locked Door
Sound:Full 3D Audio And Effects
Multiplayer:Local Arcade
MOTOVRX 9D Virtual reality Motorcycle Racing Simulator / 3 Exclusives games MOTOVRXTM 9D MOTORCYCLE RACING SIMULATOR Enjoy the thrilling sensory experience that only the 9D Virtual Reality MOTORVRXTM motorcycle ...
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VR Motorcycle Simulator

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